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Wasps, nobody like wasps.

According to reports today Britian will be bombarded by wasps this year, the weather conditions over the winter and spring has lead to ideal breeding conditons for WASPS. A colder winter followed by a mild spring has increased the number for Queen wasps surviving.

A mature wasp nest can contain thousands of wasps, I would not advise treating a wasp nest your self as they can become very aggresive very quickly. The wasp nest will not necasseraly need to be removed but it should be treated as soon as possible by an expert in wasp treatments.

The number of wasp nests treated last year went up by nearly 80% from 2013.

If you think you have a problem with wasps, watch them especially in the early morning or near dusk when many leave or return to the nest. This will help you see where the possible nest entrance is. If you think you have a wasp nest in your loft/attic try to avoid disturbing the nest and aviod holding a tourch as wasps are attracted to the light.

Wasp have a stinger as a means of self defence and can sting more than once. If you are stung it is likely that a raised welt will emerge and a tiny white mark maybe visable where the stinger punctured the skin. Mild and moderate reactions to wasp stings are normal and can be treated at home, was the area with soap and water to try to remove as much as the venom as possible. Apply a small ice pack to hlep reduce the swelling, if the itching or irritation becomes a problem apply calamine lotion or baking soda which helps nuturalise the sting.

Over the years we at Bespoke Pest Control have delt with many wasp nests, if you have a wasp problem please call and we can offer you advice on the best course of action to rid the wasp problem in your property

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