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2020 Covid and pest control

Its been an intesting year pest control wise with the restrictions placed on us by the covid lockdowns and its affect on customers. As pest controllers we were deemed essential workers very early during the first lockdown and as such we have been lucky to work continually through the year. Some of our customers have not been so lucky but we as a business have offered support where needed and quickly adapted our working structures to help them where possible. Hopefully with the easing of lockdown restrictions coming very soon we will be back in to the pubs, restaurants and offices saying hello to familier and new faces.

Even with covid restrictions 2020/21 was a very busy time for us at Bespoke Pest Control.

Rats & mice unable to find food in their usual places moved to new territories which caused problems in customers homes and businesses that previously had no issues. We also found because customers were home more they were noticing mouse and rat issues in their homes. With the use of personal protective equipment we at Bespoke pest control were able to enter and treat all properties safely.

The wasp season was particually busy and we are hoping for another good season this year.

Bed Bug treatments were again up on the previous year even with everyone staying home. The issues we had this year was having the properties empty so we could treat all areas needed as so many customers were furloughed at home, but by working closley with our customers we were able to treat all homes where needed.

Cockroach treatments fell during 2020 and the early part of 2021, but we are still finding them in the most unlikley of properties and areas.

Pigeons continue to be a major problem especially under solar panels on customers homes, we have been busy fitting spike systems to the edges of the panels to stop the pigeons roosting and nesting on customers properties.

We have continued to take on more contract work looking after blocks of flats for managing agents, restaurants and other businesses as well looking after exsisitng contracts to a high standard.

As always we have continued to make sure that our service has been one we can be proud of as our reputation is everything to us.

Stephen Wales


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