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Hugo Rat and the Lesser Cockroach

Hello, welcome to another blog by me Hugo Rat for Bespoke Pest Control. Where do I start since my last blog, it has been another good few months for us, we have been travelling up and down from Royston to Kings Cross and from Hackney to Maidenhead covering all kinds of pests. It has been a busy time for Wasps, Honey Bees and Bumble Bees, we always try our best not to treat Bees, Bumble Bees tend to move on from their nests at this time of year and Honey Bees can be left unless they are a real issue and we always try to get a local beekeeper to move them.

This little bug has been causing a bit of a fuss in a house in Hertfordshire we have been treating. After much discussion this was found to be a Lesser Cockroach (Ectobius panzeri), it is one of three native cockroaches to the UK the others being the Dusky cockroach and the Tawny cockroach. The Lesser Cockroaches are about 5 to 8mm in length and they over winter on the ground, produce young between January and April. The adults usually die off around April and May, but for some unknown reason they are infesting this house and flying in and around the living room. We think it has been to the very hot weather we have had recently.

We were also called out for this rather confident rat seen running around a customers garden in Ware in Hertfordshire. We inspected all areas of the customers garden and found where the little rat was coming in from and we have sorted the problem out so the customer can enjoy sitting in their garden again.....if it stops raining that is. On the hottest day of the year so far Stephen was all kitted out in his spraying overalls and mask to treat a caravan that was infested with Bed Bugs, it would not be an understatement to say that they were everywhere, in the bed, cupboards, sofas and wardrobes. I think Stephen must of lost about a stone that day, I felt sorry for him when he got back to the van (I'm not allowed on spray treatments as I do not have the right protective clothing and mask...yet)

I hope you have been enjoying my pictures on Instagram and Twitter, please follow me and my adventures and I hope you have enjoyed a little taster of what we get up to at Bespoke Pest Control

Hugo Rat

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