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A year in pest control

Thank you for coming to my website and reading my blogs, I hope you have found them intesting and informative. The year has flown by and it has been a busy year in the world of Bespoke Pest Control, I took over the pest control of a hostel for foreign travelers in West London which had a problem that was not being dealt with by its previous pest control company. After a few months of regular visits, the number of complaints by guests had reduced greatly and now that an extensive mouse proofing program has been carried out within the property the mouse problem is under control. I carry out monthly inspections of this property to help maintain a high level of pest control.

In the latter part of 2015 I also took over a contract for mice in a restaurant in the Euston area of London which closed (voluntary) because of the problem with mice. I went in and treated the property and helped advise the owner on proofing work to help reduce access points for the mice. The environmental health department inspected the property a few days later and agreed to allow the restaurant to reopen its doors for the busy weekend business trade, after two weeks of intensive treatment and proofing the property was mouse free and happily trading with no pest issues. I still carry out monthly visits to help keep this restaurant pest free.

It was a busy summer for wasp nests and surprisingly for bed bugs as well, when I first started in the crazy world of pest control back in 1994 and working in the North post codes in London I treated very few properties for bed bugs. Last year I treated ten in and around Hertfordhire, I think this has to do with the increase in people travelling around the world and picking up these pesky creatures from hotels and backpacking hostels. As well as these there also seems to be an increase in carpet moths which I have yet to find an answer for and of course rats. The mild weather and heavy rains are encouraging more rats into houses and commercial properties. They are now breeding at an alarming rate because of the warmer winters, increased food supplies due to bin collections being reduced, more litter and food debris on our streets.

It seems that 2016 has carried on where 2015 left off with mice and rat treatments on the increase, so if you have any pest control problem or queries please give me Stephen a call on 07919 441895 for advice and to book an inspection for your property.

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