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We can offer all commercial and residential properties a full range of treatments and contract lengths that are created around your needs as our customer.  Bespoke can give advice on a variety of pest species including bird problems.


At Bespoke Pest Control we can provide one-off treatments, emergency response, comprehensive regular service and multi-site service agreements.  We will always give preventative advice to prevent re-infestation and where possible, use environmentally-friendly and humane products. 
For a more information on Bespoke pest controls services
please call Stephen on 07919 441895
commercial pest control
Commercial and Food premises
We understand how disruptive a pest infestation can be, so we believe in integrated pest management with an emphasis on pest prevention and not just cure. We operate a consultative approach, proposing pest control solutions that fit your specific commercial needs rather than using a single pest management solution to suit all. Contracts start at £50.00 per quarter depending on size of property and pest problems 
Call Stephen on 07919 441895


Residential pest control
Residential Control
We understand how distressing it can be for a homeowner to have a pest infestation within their home. We believe that your home should be made pest free as quickly as we can make it. We will help you understand how and why you have an infestation and give you guidance to help maintain a pest free environment within your home. 
Rodent control starts at £50.00
Wasps nests from £50.00 
Other prices on request 
Call Stephen on 07919 441895


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