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Who am I

Stephen Wales
My name is Stephen Wales.

After 20 years working in the industry I realised there was plenty of room for improvement. It was time for a more customer focused company, Having put my business plan together, I launched Bespoke Pest Control.

One that concentrates on the service it gives to its customers rather than being profit driven for shareholders.

With just a handful of clients, I travelled on the train into london seeking new business. It soon came in.  Over the years I have streamlined my services, making improvements all the way. Being greener is now our main focus as well as dealing with those little pests.

For more information on all the pest control services I deliver call me on 07919 441895

My aim for Bespoke Pest Control

My aim at Bespoke Pest Control was to create a service that is especially designed around your individual needs, either as a private homeowner or as a business of any size.

Bespoke Pest Control aims to give a professional, honest appraisal of your problem, and seek to find the best solution for your requirements.

I will be happy to discuss my aims and the ways I can help you.


Bespoke Pest Control can also be contacted via our Personal Assistant, Victoria at any time via the following email address

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