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There are two main species of rats in the UK, the Black rat (Rattus rattus) that is mainly confined to ports and a few isolated islands and the common or brown rat (Rattus Norvegicus) which is found in drains, homes and businesses

Rats can carry numerous diseases that can spread to humans via their urine these include Weil's disease, listeria and salmonella. Rats also cause a huge deal of damage to buildings, it is estimated that damaged wiring by rats is responsible for 25% of electrical fires in buildings. They like to gnaw through electric cables, water pipes and gas pipes as well as floorboards and roof beams.

If rats find a way into your home, they will happily live under the floorboards, in wall cavities and roof spaces and as a recent customer found out if they die within your property the smell is overpowering.

Controlling a rat problem can be difficult, they breed quickly and are highly adaptable and mobile, How do you know if you have rats, apart from the noise they make and the smell of a dead rat you should look for their droppings which are dark brown and range from the size of a large grain of rice to that of a current

As winter is approaching rats will be looking for a warm nesting area to carry on breeding, if you think you have a rat problem give Bespoke Pest Control a call for free advice and a survey of your propery. We could save you a lot of time and remove your worries and possible damage to your home or business.

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