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Welcome to Bespoke pest controls first blog, I thought I would start by introducing myself and give a little bit of background information about how I got into pest control.

In 1994 I was made redundent from my gardening job, I was looking around for another job when a friend suggested I join him at Rentokil pest control working in thier North London Branch. I past the interview and went on to complete their intencive 6 week in house training program. Each week I had to pass an exam on different aspects of pest control from health and safety to working with chemicals and idenifiying insect pests such as cockroaches.

Over the coming years, I became a advanced tecnichian which meant I could train new starters and work in more demanding areas of the job. I also learnt how to instal bird proofing and worked on some large projects to stop pigeons.

Pest control is a funny job that you never think you will land up in but, once you do it is a very rewarding job that gives great job satisfaction when you help a customer get their property back from cockroaches, mice, rats or bed bugs to name a few pests.

I hope over the coming weeks, months and years to help you understand about pests, how I can help you stay pest free and recount some of the more bizzare stories from my twenty odd years within the industry.




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